Exhibition Inquisition
At the SFMOMA closing event: contemplating a Snøhetta model, and  frowning over the demise of Mario Botta’s staircase.
A more open circulation plan trumps post-modernism.
Build it now! Snøhetta’s other San Francisco project: the new Golden State Warriors Stadium.
The Mark di Suvero sculpture lent by the Fishers to SFMOMA’s offsite exhibition at Chrissy Field.
Less willing to debate the merits of Koons’s Hanging Heart (Gold/Magenta).
Uneven collection?  I’m willing to debate the merits of this Dolly Parton Warhol portrait.
Interior of the “qualified museum”: one with a “collection with a value greater than $100 million in Arkansas prior to January 1, 2013.
“This would not be a triumphal acropolis, like the Getty Center, in Los Angeles. Crystal Bridges aimed to complement its natural setting, rather than crown it.” - Rebecca Mead for The New Yorker.